Talk with Education Secretary, Justine Greening.

Today, Caroline welcomed the news that no school in Edgbaston will lose a penny as a result of our new fairer funding formula for school budgets, as well as the Conservatives’ manifesto commitment to a £4 billion increase in overall school funding across the UK.

Talk with Digital Minister, Matt Hancock

Today, Caroline spoke to the Digital Minister, Matt Hancock, about how the Conservatives can harness the digital revolution and deliver more jobs, investment and economic growth for Birmingham. To see their conversation, please watch this video.

BBC Asian Network Interview

By stopping searches of Sikh’s turbans, protecting Muslim’s rights to Halal slaughter and encouraging faith schools, the Conservatives have stood up for the religious freedom. In an interview with BBC Asian Network, Caroline explains how we can build a country that works for everyone.

Caroline Squire Selected for Edgbaston

Caroline Squire has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Edgbaston at the 2017 General Election in June.

Her great-grandfather was Austin Chamberlain, the MP for Birmingham West who served as Chancellor and Foreign Secretary.