Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it is time for our country to come together and secure the best Brexit deal for Britain that we can. Theresa May is the only answer for the strong and stable leadership required to achieve this.       

Like the country overall, Edgbaston was almost evenly split on the question of Brexit, with the constituency voting narrowly to Remain by 53 to 47 per cent. As your MP, I will not champion either the 53 or the 47 per cent; I will champion the 100 per cent.

I support Theresa May’s stance on Brexit of supporting the rights of EU nationals in Edgbaston and our own citizens living in Europe. Furthermore, I welcome the opportunity Britain now has to strike lucrative trade agreements with countries all across the world. Such trade deals will deliver new markets for British exports and boost jobs and investment and Birmingham. You can see me discuss this with Robin Walker, Brexit Minister, here.

Only Theresa May can deliver a good Brexit deal. Every vote for the Conservatives is a vote to strengthen Theresa May’s negotiating hand and a vote for the best possible Brexit deal.